Top Rope Belts – New Gallery

Changes have been made to the championship belt gallery over at The gallery changes offer new ways to browse and share the belts while providing links back to their owners. This is a great way for a company or wrestling league that bought a belt from TRB to get incoming links to their organization’s website. The previous gallery featured a page of thumbnails with a description of the belt. clicking a thumbnail would bring up the large view and the user was forced to navigate from page to page to view all images. The new gallery condenses the entire gallery to a single page which makes browsing the images faster and reduces the bandwidth usage. Discussion is also kept to one page making the comments easier to follow too.

Blade User Group

This custom theme created for serves as a community for users of Blade servers. Users can post like any other forum but this forum features a custom built media library, fresh styling and the ability for users to submit posts/questions experts for a quick professional response from the creators of the hardware or software they are posting about. Its quite a unique forum and with proper promotion and maintenance it could serve as a valuable resource for Blade server users and vendors alike.

SEE Learning Center

Just completed is the SEE Learning Center WordPress conversion. Originally SEE wanted 9 languages and extra functionality added. The update was for a static HTML website and would have cost more than the price of a new CMS enabled website.

A CMS site makes language translations faster and easier, especially when dealing with Arabic. This site allows for maximum customization; custom thumbnails for pages and posts, 95 translated template tags, 6 custom page templates, smart sidebar and foot menu options, and 330 pages… wow.

Check it Out