WordPress Push and Pull

I seem to be doing a lot of Dev Op stuff lately and recently needed to quickly deploy a local site I was developing. I thought there would be a simple way of doing this with VVV or some other third-party script but unfortunately I did not find a solution that suited my needs, so I made one. Eventually I will either move to Capistrano or expand on these scripts to accommodate different environments and use cases but for now this is working for me. Continue reading


Top Rope Belts – New Gallery

Changes have been made to the championship belt gallery over at TopRopeBelts.com. The gallery changes offer new ways to browse and share the belts while providing links back to their owners. This is a great way for a company or wrestling league that bought a belt from TRB to get incoming links to their organization’s website. The previous gallery featured a page of thumbnails with a description of the belt. clicking a thumbnail would bring up the large view and the user was forced to navigate from page to page to view all images. The new gallery condenses the entire gallery to a single page which makes browsing the images faster and reduces the bandwidth usage. Discussion is also kept to one page making the comments easier to follow too.