Why do Space Suit Helmets Have Lights on the Inside?

In nearly all Sci-Fi films and series, space and biohazard suits have lights inside the helmet. Why? Don’t the lights refract in your eyes and impair your vision? For sure it looks cool and makes for good cinematography but seems entirely impractical.

I understand that viewers need to see actors emoting to get invested in the story so I propose a compromise- keep the lights but make them voice-activated. Filmmakers will still get that cool shot they’re looking for and the effect will be practical and help to build dramatic tension. Imagine a dark setting with a group of explorers and the helmet lights turn on only when an astronaut speaks. The voice activated light helps identify who is speaking and conserve energy. Keeping the light on all the time impairs vision and is a potential liability in missions requiring stealth, having lights on all the time draws attention that could compromise a mission.

Smaller bundles with Webpack and Babili

Recently I took an objective look at file sizes for the bundles generated for formBuilder, Formeo.js and mi18n. Each module had between 30-52kb of bloat added to them so I set out to reduce. For this write-up I’ll be focusing on mi18n since it’s the simplest of the 3 and the gains are more easily measured. It’s also fresh in my mind so should be easier to write about. Continue reading

formBuilder v1.24.0

v1.24.0 Brings a number of features and fixes to formBuilder:


  • Update value from preview
    • Changes to the preview will now change the data ina field’s edit panel.
  • Custom labels for subtypes
    • subtypes allow a user to switch between a text, email tel and other types from a simple dropdown¬†but in the past this dropdown was not customizable. Now Labels can be passed in with other string translations.
  • setData action, Resolves #281
    • Set the stage with existing fieldData without reloading formBuilder
  • formRender onRender option
    • define callbacks to execute after a form has been rendered


  • reduced file size
  • more reusable internal api
  • Removed unused and redundant code
  • code cleanup
  • edit panel style updates
  • improved mobile support


  • select default value/placeholder Resolves #288
  • controlOrder option Resolves #292
  • toggle option not working with dataType: 'xml'
  • various xml data issues