Icon font management with Gulp and Fontello

With all the buzz around GitHub’s switch to inline svg I thought I better publish my current icon font editing workflow while it’s still semi-relevant. No doubt I’ll be adopting full inline svg myself but someone somewhere may find it useful to stick with icon fonts for a while.
In this tutorial we’ll be working with ECMAScript2016 (ES6) so our Gulpfile will actually be gulpfile.babel.js. To begin we’ll add some config to our package.json. Continue reading

WordPress Push and Pull

I seem to be doing a lot of Dev Op stuff lately and recently needed to quickly deploy a local site I was developing. I thought there would be a simple way of doing this with VVV or some other third-party script but unfortunately I did not find a solution that suited my needs, so I made one. Eventually I will either move to Capistrano or expand on these scripts to accommodate different environments and use cases but for now this is working for me. Continue reading