formBuilder v1.9.0

Screenshot from 2016-03-14 22-11-22Version 1.9.0 of formBuilder introduces a number of visual and performance improvements.


Older versions relied on a textarea and it’s value was previously used as a buffer with formBuilder constantly reading and writing to it. No more. formBuilder now has its own buffer and can exist without the textarea.

Saving and preview generation has been optimized to run less frequently. Previously every keystroke caused a save and preview updated… yikes

Usability and Style

The field edit button has been moved next to the field remove button. An optional confirmation message can be shown to ensure to prevent accidental removal.

Field attributes are getting somewhat long so until the new interface is ready a close button has been added to the bottom of the edit window so user’s don’t need to scroll back to the top of the field to close it.

Form action buttons have been moved to the bottom right of the builder just under the input types. Field previews now make use of Twitter’s Bootstrap styles while remaining Bootstrap independent. This means if you have a custom theme the styles will be inherited and formBuilder will look like a part of your site or app out of the box.


Events make it easier to integrate formBuilder into your app by providing hooks to be called at a specific time. This can be useful for trigger an action in your app when a field is added or recording a custom event to Google Analytics.


2 thoughts on “formBuilder v1.9.0

  1. Hi Kevin, nice form builder… quite a few people had an issue with it that it didn’t render multiple instances on a form (the renderer that is, not the bulider part). An easy and not bad fix if you want to apply it, is to allocate a GUID inside the start of the renderer class, then append the guid to the instances of ‘rendered-form’ and ‘other-options’. Although they will still search all DOM as they are unscoped, at least they will only pickup the class instances they should. Regards, Julian

  2. That’s a good catch, I’ll looking into creating a patch for that. Can you point to a specific example of this happening? I never imagined multiple instances of the same form being rendered so would like to see the problem in action so i can reproduce for the fix. Feel free to open an issue or join the Gitter chat if you have any other issues.

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