formBuilder v1.24.0

v1.24.0 Brings a number of features and fixes to formBuilder:


  • Update value from preview
    • Changes to the preview will now change the data ina field’s edit panel.
  • Custom labels for subtypes
    • subtypes allow a user to switch between a text, email tel and other types from a simple dropdown¬†but in the past this dropdown was not customizable. Now Labels can be passed in with other string translations.
  • setData action, Resolves #281
    • Set the stage with existing fieldData without reloading formBuilder
  • formRender onRender option
    • define callbacks to execute after a form has been rendered


  • reduced file size
  • more reusable internal api
  • Removed unused and redundant code
  • code cleanup
  • edit panel style updates
  • improved mobile support


  • select default value/placeholder Resolves #288
  • controlOrder option Resolves #292
  • toggle option not working with dataType: 'xml'
  • various xml data issues

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