Restaurants Serving Microwaved Food


So this is the blog post I write in my head every time I’m served microwaved food. I’m not a “foodie”, I just can’t rationalize paying money for something I wouldn’t eat for free- at home. It’s actually baffling to me, one of the main reasons I eat out is because sometimes don’t feel like cooking. I actually love cooking but sometimes after a long day I’m not up for the cleaning that comes with it. Sure- I could just throw some left-overs in the microwave… thats easy and free. But it’s Saturday, I should get out of the house and microwaved food isn’t very appetizing. So I decide to go out, I place my order wait a few minutes and *ding!*- it’s ready.

…why would anyone PAY money to be served tough and tasteless food

The only reason I even own a microwave is because it came with the house. I don’t like microwaved food. The microwave ruins food by toughening it and killing the flavor, why would anyone PAY money to be served tough and tasteless food. I also have my doubts about how healthy microwaved food is compared to normally cooked food. I think the the microwave breaks down the fat and other molecules (you know, the stuff that makes it taste good) in such a way that it is harder for your body to digest, making it more likely to become fat than energy. BUT I don’t have any proof of that and have never heard the idea backed up by science so for now it remains a personal belief. The main point here is microwaved food sucks.

I’ve been working on a list of restaurants that serve microwaved food. Today the list just received another entry. One more restaurant I won’t be returning to. One less repeat customer for them. I figure if they don’t care about the food they serve (you know, their business) why should I?


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