3D Twitter Background

The style for KC Design Lab is a mixture of minimal and technology design. To spruce up Twitter a bit I took the KCDL logo into 3DsMax and rendered a scene with it. The logo and shadows were rendered separately and brought together on the black and gray bar in Photoshop. The final product is a simple design that conveys the style of KC Design Lab to the Twitter audience.


Series of ads for the popular bar and night club CRUZE, located in Mornington, Australia.

Design inspiration was drawn from photos of people dancing in the light. The ads are updated weekly with new photos of club patrons. I decided to make light the main theme and have the people in the photos interacting with the light in some way. The 3d background is made from the club’s logo and used to direct the readers eyes to important areas of the design ( logo and promotion) and give a sense of depth to the design.

Programs used include 3dsMax, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Tutorial coming soon.

Hypertension Animation

HypertensionThis is a 3D health animation created for USA Today’s Healthscout website. The animation explains what hypertension is and the effects it can have on the body. I was responsible for the design and animation of the actual bloodline. Other members of the team handled the character and prop modeling and animation.