Podiatrist NYC

Podiatristnyc.com is the Advanced Footcare Group website for renowned podiatrist Dr. Howard D. Zaiff, DPM, FACFAS.

Dr. Zaiff was particularly fond of flash websites so my approach was to add animation an AJAX content retrieval for any areas that could use it. This meant content that did not require a layout change such as the Services and Treatments sections. To keep the site quick to load the makes heavy use of cache, popular external libraries and maintains a small footprint despite large images. The AJAX functions help also by only loading about 15kb-50kb of data (depending number on images) on some clicks. Other unique items about the site are 2 custom plugins to that allow users to make appointments and a gallery plugin that extends the default WordPress gallery. The gallery plugin, Z-Gallery, can handle local and external video sources, uses AJAX and has modal popups.

Key Features:

  • Small footprint
  • Fast load times -(despite GoDaddy hosting and large images)
  • WordPress
  • AJAX content
  • Custom plugins


Shelton Jaycees

Shelton JayceesIn 2006 The Shelton chapter of the US jaycees contacted me for a website. The site was meant to offer information to both the public and members of the chapter with the ability for members to submit stories and upload photos. The site features an admin panel for editing the site and various scripts to handle the event calendar, forms/member documents, and photo gallery.

At the time of creation the site was very limited by its budget but there is talk of a newer and better version so stay tuned.