Orchid Gifts Madeira – Full Page Ad

The Orchid Gifts of MadeiraLately I have been working with Annikka at Orchid Gifts Madeira (OGM). They have some of the most unique and beautiful jewelry I have seen. As the name suggests (OGM) produces pendants, earrings, and other jewels from Madeira’s flowers and other natural resources.

This is a full page (size A4) ad to be used in an information guides for tourists and will be placed in hotels. There are 4 versions of the ad; English, Finnish, Danish, and English and Finnish together. The version pictured left is one that will be framed in a plaque. The empty space at the top will hold a real sample of the jewelry sold at The Orchid Gifts of Madeira.

Madeira Low Down

The sister site to OZ Low Down, this site is intended to draw attention to some of the less advertised places and events on the Portuguese island of Madeira. A custom theme was created for administration of the site. The idea is that it will be maintained by the actual residents of Madeira with stories and photos of local areas and events, so visitors can break free of the tourist traps.

The design goal was to create a WordPress theme with a fresh and organized feel to it. I used Moo tools and the Smooth Gallery script to create the Featured Stories slider that appears at the top of the main page. These were of course edited and customized a great deal. This theme has its own custom options page that is loaded to the Admin that allows the site owner to set which posts should be featured, side blog articles, and control of the ads.

Montado dos Aviceiros

Aviceiros is a great place to get away from everything and refocus your mind, body and soul. I encourage anyone looking for a quiet retreat location to visit the site and book your reservation.

In fall of 2005 there was no website for the property and not many people knew of it. I met with the owner during my stay and took away photos and ideas to be used on a future website for Aviceiros. One month later I designed and coded a basic site that allowed users to view photos in a gallery and book reservations.